Friday, 21 September 2012

Hong Kong: Day 10 - Disneyland

OMG, as they say. I cannot believe this. Ever since Walt Disney first popped up on our television screens when I was a little girl, since I wanted to be Annette when I grew up, since I drove everybody crazy singing THAT song, I had dreamed of visiting this place.
 First off, we caught the MRT which took us to the station where we changed to the Disneyland train!!! Who knew that they had their own precious train. Oh goodness, I was already over the moon. 
I was even in love with the station - I mean, honestly, is this the most gorgeous platform you have ever seen? Oh yes, it is.
And then - ta dah - there it was, in front of us, Disneyland. I wanted to push all those little kids out of the way and just run through the gates myself, screaming with excitement.
Into Main Street we strode. Phew, pain? What pain. I had my umbrella for support and could almost kid myself that I was walking on air anyway. 
 First stop was Adventureland. Yippee. 
This boat ride through these raging rapids, past voracious crocodiles, narrowly escaping the clutches of ferocious natives, almost succumbing to whirlpools and flames of fire, was powerful excitement, I can tell you. And Captain Jack was THE BEST. 
Hm, Tarzan's Treehouse. No, I'm afraid that by now that rope bridge may have been a bridge too far. My man rafted over the water to Tarzan's Island and couragously crossed that swaying bridge to check out the humble place that Tarzan and Jane called home, but I sat that one out, chewing on painkillers it must be admitted. 
 I did get to wander around some wonderful spots, though, and discover signs of colonial occupation not too distantly deserted (ho ho ho).

And, hey, I came across an effalump! This one was exceedingly cute and I don't think would pose any threat to anybody.
Oh, oh, oh, Sleeping Beauty's castle. What joy of joys.
And lovely, lovely shopping opportunities (I love to shop anyway, so checked them all out). 
And such a pretty carousel - really wish I'd gone on that but there was a hell of a queue. 
Absolutely adored the gardens. I actually think that this visit would have been worth it just for these. They are gorgeous, aren't they. 

Complete with cute pathways, buildings, and - oh, hello, is that three dancing elephants I see before me? Yep, it sure is. They look as though they're laughing their trunks off, and you can't help but laugh with them. 

  And, yes, I did manage to twist my foot right and left to get into a teacup. Come on now, nobody goes to Disneyland without going on a few delightful kiddy rides. This was great fun. 

 So also was watching little kids playing amongst these things - whatever they are - and getting blissfully soaked as they did. I sort of envied them.
Oh, we went for a ride in/on this as well, but for the life of me I dont' know what it is. I think it's some sort of rocket thingy. Whatever, it was - of course - fun.
I don't have any photos of it but we also did the car racing circuit, and managed to crash into about everybody that we weren't supposed to crash into, but - yes, you guessed it - it was fun. 
What a totally superb day it was. This really was a dream come true for me. I think I laughed as much as any child today. I felt that sort of happiness that really does feel like a bubble inside you. It was magical indeed, and no less so after dark.

So, a perfect last day in Hong Kong, recapturing the wonder of childhood.
Tomorrow we will be flying that big silver bird back to Australia, but with such wonderful, fabulous memories and a knowledge that we have found yet another place in this incredible world to love.
Thanks for staying with me throughout this memorable trip.
Oh, my injuries? Well, the day after we got home to Perth I visited our doctor. He sent me for x-rays and then for scans. I had a bone bruise and a chipped bone on my left arm/elbow, a bone bruise below my left knee, a sprained left ankle, a broken talus (the actual rotational ankle bone) in my right ankle, plus multiple fractures of the right foot. No wonder it hurt so much!

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