Friday, 21 September 2012

Hong Kong: Day 9 - The Peak

What a struggle - getting a shoe on my foot. My determination was mighty, though, and I refused to stay confined to our hotel room any longer. A return visit to The Peak was called for, this time not as part of a tour but catching the ferry over to the island and then taking the fabulous Peak Tram up, up, up on a crazy angle, up to the top with its wonderful views.

For those of you unfamiliar with the tram, it is apparently the steepest climb (and - far worse - descent) of any tram/fernicular in ze welt apparently. Yes, sorry, got a bit Germanic there. Don't know why, but have no intention of deleting it.
Anyway, one poor little old lady did manage to tread on my foot while alighting and so the bravest thing of the day was not sitting on a tram which is travelling on an angle where you do actually feel that you will fall over backwards at any moment - no, it was refraining from crying out in pain when it happened. I even managed a reassuring smile suggesting that I was fine, no harm done and that I was not about to beat her up for her intrusion upon my body. My God, it hurt.

I love this hazy, gorgeous view

So, here we are, up in the glorious heavens above this fabulous, insane city that nobody living 100 years ago would ever have thought possible. The skyscrapers are incredible, and when you look down on them they seem almost to grow out of each other. I don't care that there are many people who hate modern cities, I love them, and this is the most wonderful eclectic mixture. Love it.
Definitely not for the plebs!

Don't be fooled, though - there is more green space in Hong Kong than you could possibly dream of. The city blocks are frantic and everywhere are huge concrete and glass temples to commerce, but on the mountains, on the zillions of little islands, there is such wonderful lush natural bush that it's a glorious juxtaposition: God made this; man made this.
I really couldn't walk around too much, I have to confess, as I was in such pain, but did manage a visit to Madam Tussard's. Okay, it's not like the one in London, but it was enjoyable nevertheless. I could show you some photos of me posing with Luciano Pavarotti, or sharing a podium with George Bush and Bill Clinton, or even popping up in an Old Master, but what I thought at the time was a brave smile looks, sadly, rather like a grimace when viewed on film (okay, not film - digital whatever), so you will have to be content with this gorgeous creature. I imagine she is some well known Chinese actress, but whoever she is/was her beauty is undeniable.
Catch you tomorrow when, with an umbrella as my walking stick, I throw agony to the wind and spend a wonderful day doing something I've wanted to do since I first wished upon a star.

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