Monday, 26 November 2012

Watch this space

I just about have steam coming out my ears at the moment. It would seem that Google/Picasa like to arbitrarily delete photographs from blogs. In case you are wondering why my travel blog looks like this, it turns out that I - along with hundreds of other bloggers - have simply had all their photographs deleted. No explanation, no contact, no nothing, just a hell of a shock when you turn on to get back into the  blogging swing and find these ugly pages where there were once lovely photographs.


I have gone through just one post and added photos back in, but it seems to have played havoc with the blog and spacing. I am really annoyed and upset by this, as you can imagine, and am going to investigate other blogging platforms.


If I can sort things out with Blogger - which would obviously be my preference - then I will pick up (belatedly) where I left off, taking you along on our canal boat trip through Picardie. If I can't, then I will let you know where to find my new abode.


Thank you for your patience,


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