Tuesday, 19 November 2013


Where have you been, Beejay?

How on earth has this happened? Where did I go, you must wonder? Well, somehow my committment to regular posting has been less than I believed myself capable of. Dare I promise to be better in future? Yes, I do.

So, having the report on this fantastic trip to France to finish, followed by another visit to Hong Kong and a few other holidays to share with you, I can see I have a mighty task in front of me. Am I up to it? Yes, yes, yes, but only if you say with me, "I believe. I believe. I believe." There, you believe, I believe = I will do it. Can't let us down now, can I.

Oh, and I'm still trawling, trawling, trawling through previous blog posts to reinsert all those lovely travel photographs which Blogger so kindly removed. Urgh, but enough said.

Back soon.

Image courtesy of Microsoft Clipart

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